Awning Anchor & Support System

A modern solution to an age-old problem.

Features and Included Accessories

Aluminum Anchoring & Support Legs

The aluminum support legs are very easily adjustable from 6.5’ to 11.5’ high in 3” increments. It is very easily adjustable with the wire lock pins.

Support Head

With the concave radius the head supports will accommodate all sizes of awning tubes for security and support. The nylon strap with the adjustable side buckle will go over the tube and secure it to the anchoring and support leg.

3-in-1 Anchoring Base

This anchoring base can be used to anchor to wood decks by using lag bolts in the four corners or anchor to concrete by using concrete anchors. It is also for anchoring in hard compacted or clay type soils by driving two 5/8” rods in the long gated holes on a 45-degree angle in opposing directions.

Earth Auger Anchor

Secures the support leg to the ground in soft or sandy type soil. This auger has a hole in the top to slide the included anchoring rods into — to help screw it into the ground.

5/8” anchoring rods

These anchoring rods are for use with both the 3-in-1 anchoring base and for helping screw the earth auger into the ground.



Hello! My name is Mike Mitchell.

After I retired in 2016, my wife and I decided to purchase an RV. On our first trip out we quickly realized that anytime the wind blew very much, we had to roll our awning in to keep the wind from damaging the awning support frame. We started looking to buy something that would protect our awning and couldn’t find anything. I wanted something that would provide not only support but also an anchor. I decided to design something myself.

The system that I have designed will not only help to keep the wind from lifting up on the awning, but also from pushing it down. This all-in-one system is easy to use. The 3-in-1 anchor is for concrete, wood decks, and hard, compacted, or clay type soils. The earth auger can be used for soft and sandy type soils. Stop by and talk to us at a show or visit our website. We would love to show you how this all-in-one system can ease your mind on your next RV trip.


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